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David Title
Video Producer
Sandra Goodman
Wedding Officiant/ Voice Coach
George Bischof
Trust & Estate Attorney
Rachel Lurie
Business Consulting

Sub List Policies

Please add any Visitors or Subs by clicking on the following link:

Click here for Super 66 Visitor and Sub Form


The Sub List was created to help Members maintain the weekly integrity of the meetings by facilitating willing and competent substitutes. It is intended to be a "supplementary" support for a members own contacts.

Substitutes will be held to the same standard as members and are expected to abide by the following:

  • Arrive by 6:00 pm and stay until 7:30 pm
  • Come with a prepared commercial representing the member
  • If a sub commits to attend and does not, the sub will be removed from our list
  • Subs should not attend more than one meeting per month at the same chapter
  • Members should report any infractions of these guidelines to a director
  • These guidelines are subject to review and change at the decision of the executive directors

Super 66
24 Members

Alex Ochakovsky
Andrew Romano
Dan Vitolo
Domenick Presa
Eugene Gozenput
Eva Grodberg
Frank Giordano
Jack Kasavi
John Fiorito
Joyce Goldstein, Esq.
Kevin Beauparlant
Landis Hosterman
Niv Ben-Adi
Noa Lessing
Robert Moore
Robyn Mann
Sam Roney
Sid Kakkar
Stephen Redford
Steven McMahon
Susanne Fox
Tim Madden
Victoria Fisher
Vincent Natoli

Super 66 Goal
$ 3,000,000

Our Current Total
$ 3,200,000

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