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Attendance at every meeting is essential. Members are encouraged to secure substitutes when they are unable to attend. Having a substitute attend does not count as an absence. BNI policy states that a member who has three absences is a six-month period forfeits their position.

  • 1st Absence - No Action.
  • 2nd Absence - 1st letter encouraging member to attend or to provide a substitute.
  • 3rd Absence - 2nd letter warning that member status is in jeopardy. (There is an MSP proviso recommended along with the letter).
  • 4th Absence - The category is opened.


Conducted either in person or by phone by a member of the leadership team, it serves to document the member's experience with the chapter, especially if leaving is voluntary prior to expiration of their dues period.


Timely attendance at BNI meetings is also important. 6:00 to 6:15 pm is your time to network. This time is critical for members to form working relationships, especially with new members and visitors. Arriving late diminished the importance of our meetings. Arriving after 6:15 and leaving early is also disruptive. Therefore, the following absence appointment has been assigned to discourage lateness:

  • Arriving after 6:30 pm - 1/2 absence
  • Arriving after 7:00 pm - 1 absence
  • Leaving before 7:15 pm - 1/2 absence
  • Leaving before 7:00 pm - 1 absence

Our Chapter maintains a list of individuals who have agreed to be contacted to substitute for members. Please continue to locate people who would like to be on our list, and forward their contact information via email to the Chapter Vice President. Please be advised: It is your responsibility to arrange for your own substitute and provide them with an effective Sales Manager Moment. If for any reason your substitute does not make it to the meeting, you will be counted as absent for that week.


There is no penalty if a member has a substitute attend in their place. In fact, we encourage it. However, on a case by case basis, if the substitute is attending more than the original member and the substitute is not fully participating in meetings, i.e., passing referrals, bringing visitors, or volunteering, then the Leadership Team will inquire as to the member's intentions to participate.


Members may have issues with fellow members for various reasons. If this occurs:

  1. The leadership team encourages members to work out any disagreements or disputes with each other.
  2. If this does not resolve the problem, then a verbal complaint can be made to the leadership team for guidance in resolving the problem
  3. If this does not resolve the issue satisfactorily, then a written complaint can be made to the leadership team to document the situation should further action be necessary.
All complaints will be handled with discretion and with every effort to maintain full confidentiality.


A leave of absence of up to eight weeks can be requested in writing for medical reasons only. As long as the member has sufficient time remaining of his/her membership, the seat remains protected. If membership expires during leave, membership must renewed and dues paid; if not, the seat will be opened. After eight weeks of leave, additional medical leave is at the discretion of the Membership Committee.


As part of its role, the Membership Committee will review the participation of existing members on an on-going basis. This is done to assist members in giving and receiving quality leads. The committee will also review members prior to renewal of their membership. It is our desire to meet with each member prior to his or her renewal. However, if time does not permit and there is no question the Committee recommends renewal, some members may not have a face-to-face meeting. The criteria we have currently determined for review are:

  • Attendance/overuse of subs (see Chapter Guidelines for clarification as to what constitutes the overuse of subs)
  • Leads Passed/Received
  • Adherence to the BNI Code of Ethics
  • Timely payment of membership and breakfast dues
  • Complaints received by the Membership Committee from chapter members
  • Acknowledgements and other recognition received by the Membership Committee from chapter members
  • Participation in the chapter (serving on committees, leadership roles, etc.)

The Membership Committee reviews all classifications of new applicants carefully for conflicts. However, in some cases, due to the nature of an industry or profession, there are specializations and distinctions we are not aware of, and so a conflict is not obvious. If a visitor attends the meeting who is representing a business/profession that is or may be in conflict or overlap with your seat, please inform the Chapter Vice President, who is Chairman of the Membership Committee, immediately. If you speak with the visitor, do so only with at least one member of the Membership Committee present. The Membership Committee will consider the potential conflict/overlap during the application process; however, depending on the nature and degree of overlap, the Membership Committee may choose to admit the applicant as a new member.


BNI policy states that each chapter set their own guidelines for referrals passed each month to keep all of the members focused on BNI outside of the meetings. In order for all members to receive the greatest benefit from BNI, we strongly recommend what we call our "3 for 3" policy. To maintain good standing in the chapter, each member is expected each week to pass at least one referral, or bring at least one guest who is a prospective member, or to have had a one-to-one with another chapter member. When a member has not met the quota, we invite that member to meet with the Membership Committee to review the referrals, guests, and one-to-ones he/she has achieved, and offer support on how to meet the quota effectively. The Membership Committee will review the referrals and other aspects of their membership during the following three-months. We strive for the passing of high quality of referrals. A valid referral is one in which a call from a BNI member is expected. Should you find that a member of BNI is passing referrals that are not valid, please return the referral slip to that person, explaining why they are not good referrals. Should this happen frequently, please alert the Membership Committee.

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